Saturday, 8 November 2014

Prairie Women's Sewing Circle

I'm  back.....its been a while.
I have been busy sewing Christmas gifts for my six wonderful Grandkids. Of course I can't show you right now, but I will later :) They check out my blog from time to time.
The  other day I needed a diversion, so I sewed up a Log Cabin topper.
Shirley at the Marsh Quilt Shop is running a "Prairie Women's Sewing Circle". I was quick to sign up. 
We meet once a month with a great bunch of gals.
The method used here is two strips match, only as prairie women had to make do using what they had, we are too, so I used different reds for the centres and a couple of the logs are not the same in each block. 

It went together fairly quickly . Now I realize it would have been a better idea to press the seams open. Oh well, maybe next time.
Here I am auditioning reds to use for the border. I like all three. I just need one!
Decisions.. Decisions.
Next time I'll show you what I did.
Back to the sewing room..(dining room table) :)
I hope you have a great weekend. 
Its been raining here all day! Again!
Till next post....


  1. Beautiful topper. I love the Log Cabin patterns, with their diversity in fabrics. 'Working on one myself. Yes, sewing for my granddaughter as well. The holidays will soon be here. We are getting cooler weather and some rain here in northwest Alabama :)

  2. This is fabulous, Marg. I've always loved Log Cabin -- yours only increases that appreciation!

  3. Hi, Marg, I love your log cabin table topper! It is very similar in colors to the log cabin scrap quilt that I made for my bed a couple of years ago. Melinda

  4. I just love these log cabin squares. They look perfect to me. I like your comment about how the primitive ladies would have had to make do with whatever fabric they could find. Both my grandmothers were also in that category.


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