Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pinned It...Nailed It !

My Grand Daughter and I both pinned a Sweet Potato Casserole recipe last week. My comment was we should give it a try. Her comment was " Let me know when." She called last night to see if I wanted company and could we make the casserole. We did. It turned out just like the picture, and tasted like dessert.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Open House

At the open house yesterday at Bloomers I bought this sign made my friend Janet from "Olde Crow Primitives"
Janet does an awesome job. She puts a lot of time into these gorgeous signs and it shows. ..I just love it. 
I plan on hanging it in my entrance. 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Prairie Women's Sewing Circle

I'm  back.....its been a while.
I have been busy sewing Christmas gifts for my six wonderful Grandkids. Of course I can't show you right now, but I will later :) They check out my blog from time to time.
The  other day I needed a diversion, so I sewed up a Log Cabin topper.
Shirley at the Marsh Quilt Shop is running a "Prairie Women's Sewing Circle". I was quick to sign up. 
We meet once a month with a great bunch of gals.
The method used here is two strips match, only as prairie women had to make do using what they had, we are too, so I used different reds for the centres and a couple of the logs are not the same in each block. 

It went together fairly quickly . Now I realize it would have been a better idea to press the seams open. Oh well, maybe next time.
Here I am auditioning reds to use for the border. I like all three. I just need one!
Decisions.. Decisions.
Next time I'll show you what I did.
Back to the sewing room..(dining room table) :)
I hope you have a great weekend. 
Its been raining here all day! Again!
Till next post....