Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Getting My Fabric Ready

Well today was spent doing something I usually do as soon as I buy new fabric.WaShing And  PresSing. How about you? Do you wash before you cut. I usually take it right to the laundry room, but I have been slacking off. My sewing room sure looks like it too. Now I would lOvE to put the fabric and pattern into containers so I know why I bought it . I kNow why I buy fabric. ITS because I LoVe it.I do not often have a pattern in mind. It just calls my name.I wonder if I am the only one who does this :).... Till next time...Marg


  1. No Marg. You are not the only one who does that. If I see fabric I love, I like to buy it even though I don't have anything in mind. It is just a "Quilters" thing I guess. I spent some time organizing my sewing room today also.

  2. I am a pretty obsessive pre-washer as well. I am kind of particular about mixing my non-washed and pre-washed scraps, so I like to make sure it's all set before sewing anything with it. It is not only you! ;)

  3. I also buy fabric that I see and love with no pattern in mind. That way when I do find a pattern I want to make, I know I have a stash of beautiful fabrics to choose from. A quilters thing is right!


  4. Sounds like a great trip out. I love your autumn (Fall) picture. Do you tend to feel like working with autumn colours at this time of year and summer colours in the summer? I know I do. Loved looking at your blog. xCathy

    1. Actually Cathy... the fall colors are the ones I navigate towards all year long. I change up my tans or nuetrals & try throwing in a black or cheddar or muddy lime green once in a while. People can usually pick my quilts out in a crowded room.I 've tried to leave my "comfort zone" but I usually go back :)


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