Sunday, 27 October 2013

Guest Lecturer

After reading Heather Stewarts  Quilting Blog the other day about her being a guest lecturer at a quilt show, I decided  I would take the opportunity to go and listen to her. Wow! I was so thrilled to be there. My GD came along with me and we were in for  a real treat. I am only sorry I wasn 't there for all 4 demos by Heather.Saturday afternoons lecture was a Trunk Show with Heather telling us how she started sewing at a very young age. She even had her very first quilt there.She has really came a long way since then.We all have to start somewhere.There was so much love in the story about her  Sons quilt; it  brought tears to my eyes as did the one about "Beethoven Love Letters Quilt" she made. She had us all laughing too about an Interview that took place on her farm.  I don 't want to give everything away. I 'm just saying  " If you ever are fortunate enough to hear this Highly Talented Lady speak"... go for it. You will not be dissappointed!
There were lots of quilts to view, vendors to visit, a draw table and great lunch room too.

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