Tuesday, 21 April 2015

April Showers.....

I am  waiting for warm days and colorful blossoms....


  1. I keep looking for some green in my yard to pop out, but after the sleet we had today..it might be best that I don't see any green yet...the poor plants would have froze. Janice

  2. I'm waiting for the May flowers over here too (and the rhubarb). We're having April "snow" showers right now - ugh!

  3. Marg, those photos are lovely. I hope you see those blooms in person soon.

    We are getting blooms here. When I wrote the post about going to Maryland, it was brown and muddy when we left and green and lovely out East. But now we're seeing the pretty pinks and whites and lots of daffodills! Yay! (Of course, this morning it is snowing so fingers are crossed it doesn't kill off the blossoms.)

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